Monday, February 28, 2005


Mmmph. Having a crap day at home and am sulking about it.

Usually I'd use part of my unexpected day off to blog about my lovely weekend I had, complete with several trips to the Lantern Festival. But since I'm grumpy and feeling sorry for myself, I'll content myself with complaining that I can't find a decent knitting pattern anywhere.

Despite being a keen knitter, I've kind of hated everything I've ever knitted for myself. Luckily, my mum is either less discerning or much too kind (or both), so she has a nice selection of knitted items courtesy of yours truly. Now that I'm finally sick of blobbing after work (it was blissful for a while after finishing study), I'm quite keen to take my needles up again. But with limited space chez Trouser & Skirt, I have to make sure I don't knit myself any more dud items.

Anyone have any idea where you might find a stylish knitting pattern?


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