Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shopping frenzy, or where did all my self-restraint go?

So it's been a bit of a wild shopping time here in Skirt-world. During the past few weeks I seem to have devoted most of my leisure time to shopping.

Now, this is not necessarily bad or wrong - in fact, many people would say that it is entirely normal, and they would be right.

What makes me feel ever-so-slightly guilty is that I suspect my shopping frenzy has resulted in me exceeding my allocated budget. The budget that I demanded we set shortly after The Trouser and I finally entered the scary world of mortgages and joint finances.

He is naturally a spender, and has superb and generally expensive tastes. I like quality - but also quantity - and am willing to spend time hunting for the perfect item, and a bargain price. Having worked in retail, I know that the mark-ups can be huge. Plus, I think there's some Scottish blood in me, so spending wisely is important to me.

The budget was intended to give me security that we'd save enough, and permission to spend a certain amount per month, even though I thought it was unlikely. It was intended to give him an upper limit on the spending, so I didn't stress out that we'd be poverty-stricken. Yes, I am the one with all the hang-ups about money - I'm very into saving up for things etc. - whereas The Trouser has always just kind of had money when he's needed it.

Anyway, a few teething problems aside (is a budget an upper limit or an amount that should be spent?), it had gone well until a few weeks ago, when my love of shopping returned with a vengeance.

Now, it's not like I'm spending loads of cash on anything silly - we're talking reasonably-priced items of clothing that I will inevitably keep and wear for at least 5 years, plus a few household items. But my desire to get a winter wardrobe in order (planning ahead again!), take advantage if the sales and cut loose a bit has resulted in the aforementioned shopping frenzy. Bugger.

And the really guilty part about it is that we've planned an important trip to see far-flung bits of my family, so I'd intended to cut down on my spedning dramatically in preparation for the shopping I'd planned on the trip. Oops. Why did my good intentions and self-restraint suddenly disappear simultaneously after 26 years?

On the up side, I have some lovely new things in my wardrobe, including some great vintage stuff that I have carefully (if inexpertly) altered. And now that I've been to the Smith & Caughey's sale (not as brilliant as last summer's, but still very creditable), I feel I can avoid "real" stores altogether, which, due to their close proximity and sheer numbers, are my real downfall. I really do prefer the thrill of the hunt - and it's a damn sight cheaper than a lot of th new stuff I crave. Might be time to get my grandmother's sewing machine fixed, just in case I'm inspired (and develop sufficient patience to actually *follow* a pattern)...


Blogger Nyx said...

There is nothing better than finding that solo bargain while shopping. You sound like you have the knack, so, what's your best bargain?
And it has to be clothes, not free sachets of sweet chilli sauce.

One of my best was a new $5 black long lace dress (old style lace) with a modern cut that you wear over a LBD. That one had me dancing in the aisles for a good week.

ps. Thanks for your post on my site, I guess we both got lucky with our guys huh?

1:03 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Hmm.. Best bargain ever?

I have a great black & white dress that I wear over pants that looks amazing - and was $4 second-hand. My new-to-me bolero (gold and brocade-y) was a whole $18, but beautiful. And I wear and wear a pair of $9 jeans. Oh, and I have the cutest pair of bright orange stilettos that I have yet to wear, but they are in original condition and were only $13.

Quite hard to pick a winner, though... Shall give this some thought!

There really is something about a lovely boy, isn't there? I certainly had some shocking taste in men in the past, and out up with a lot of rubbish, but The Trouser is just perfect!

4:21 pm  

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