Monday, January 31, 2005

Happy birthday, Auckland

And thanks for the day off work!

Although short weeks have been a definite feature of my summer thus far, I'm always up for yet another one. After at least 2 consecutive "full" weeks, it seemed only right that Auckland Anniversary Day finally showed up.

Of course, it bugs me that by the end of January we've really had all our holidays - and after Easter, it seems like a long time until proper holiday time again (Anzac and Labour days notwithstanding). I would rather be in a lovely northern hemisphere country where they get Christmas and New Year's, plus some summer holidays in July/ August. It really helps to break the year up a little more.

At any rate, the 3-day weekend was put to good use in the Skirt/ Trouser household, with a few errands but mostly rest and recreation. We managed to fit in a visit to the compound, a shopping trip (which was surprisingly restful, considering that it was at Pukes, the busiest and most mediocre mall ever), and even some quality time. Oh, and The Trouser endeared himself to me even more by making delicious ricotta pancakes from my current favourite cookbook.

I don't know what it is about quality time together, but I can't seem to get enough of it. The Trouser and I had loads of time together when we met each other, and although we live together now and probably get more face-to-face time, we don't quite seem to get enough. Especially the quality stuff - you know, the kind where you spend time together without the accompaniment of television, other people, etc.

It helps that The Trouser is one of those rare men who isn't interested in sport, who can stomach an hour or so of shopping (more if he is feeling happy, and he'll give considered opinions during clothes shopping), and has loads of great ideas for fun stuff to do together. It is probably really annoying to our single friends (and maybe even our coupled-up friends), but after over 4 years together we are still quite happy just spending time together at home not doing very much.

And did I mention he cooks? Felafel tonight (I can smell them cooking) - sweet chilli sauce here I come!


Blogger Nyx said...

Your Mr Trouser sounds like quite a catch, not a sport lover and a kiwi? Wow!

ps. Is Pukes St Lukes? If so then I agree about the total unattractiveness of that mall, horrible place.
pps. Annabel Langbein is one of my favourite cookbooks as well, and Hubby cooked a scrumptious feast last night so it's all good. Especially men who love to cook!

9:10 am  
Blogger The Skirt said...

I know - he is a real sweetheart, plus he cleans (sigh) - a very rare commodity.

What is it about men who cook? They are just extra-lovely in my book (as long as they aren't Gordon Ramsay). I do mean men who really cook though - not just the odd dish and bbq. Your husband sounds like a very clever man indeed - a feast is my kind of meal!

"Pukes" is my very own special name for St Lukes - if you spend enough time there it really can make you feel ill.

8:31 pm  

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