Monday, January 24, 2005

Catching up

Today was a red-letter day for me. Not only was it warm and sunny, but I won the lottery... Ok, I didn't win the lottery - but the next best thing happened - I met up for lunch with two very good old friends.

One friend, whom I first met not long after I moved to NZ, really became my friend properly during a very hot, smelly semester of classes learning a dead language. We spent a lot of time wagging to hang out and drink coffee, and segued from having mutual friends in common to becoming friends ourselves. I also managed to ace the final exam despite the wagging, so it was an all-round positive experience - though I vowed to never again enrol or stay enrolled in a class where it was so smelly.

We flatted together for a short while, in my brief-yet-all-too-long flatting phase, and then she moved to Europe, where she has spent the last 3 1/2 years doing exotic things. We emailed occasionally but it wasn't the same... So I was really, really thrilled when I received an email saying she would be back here for a flying visit this month. Although we do totally different stuff, dress in different ways and really have little in common in many respects, we always got along great. And despite the fact that we have barely kept in touch, at lunch it felt like we slipped back into the friendship really easily. Yay for friends who change but are still essentially the same cool person you met!

The second friend is someone I met thru the above-mentioned friend. We also had little in common, but spent a lot of time together out dancing and drinking (tequila, mostly) in our slightly-wild not-quite-youth. Although we live in the same city, we somehow fail to meet up as often as we ought, so it was also great to see and talk to her. Again, she has changed but not essentially, and it felt easy to pick up from where we'd left off.

I had a lovely lunch - great company and yummy food, including some delicious sumac sprinkled on the top of my food, which my recently-improved knowledge of spices helped me to identify. (Go on, ask me to tell you something about an exotic spice - if I can't, I own a great book that does!)

The only crap part of the lunch was that I ate slightly too much - which meant I spent the rest of the afternoon trying not to fall asleep at my desk, or roll on the floor running my full belly. I am proud to say that I managed to eschew both of these options, although what I did was not much more productive.

Of course, I would say more about my lovely friends, but I haven't asked them if that is OK. In fact, since no one except The Trouser knows that I'm writing this at this stage, I suppose I could say more. But since I like to not really, really annoy my friends, I suppose at some stage I will have to mention this and ask if they want to be identified.

For my own sake, I am not that keen on full disclosure. Not that I think I'll be dooced or anything, and not because I'm not really me (I love you nonetheless!), but because, frankly, everybody needs a little bit of mystery in their lives. Besides, if the whole world knew what I thought, they might tell my mother on me.

At some point I suppose other people might eventually read some of this. Like when I get around to adding my blogroll (O how I love to read other people's blogs - the less I know about them the better!) - or when The Trouser takes pity on me and sorts it out for me (I am capable but I do laundry - in my book that means I deserve some special attention). Or when I tell my friends (like tonight maybe). But there's no rush. I still haven't found the perfect blogging spot - on my favourite couch is good, but I need a laptop table; at the counter is good, but because the bar stools are high, I have to hunch over to use the keyboard, or put my laptop on a stack of phonebooks and type up high - both equally annoying options.

In the meantime, I might leaf through the cookbook I currently consult the most (and occasionally actually follow the complete recipes from) for some dinner-related inspiration.


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