Saturday, January 22, 2005

Yet more shopping

I felt quite content after yesterday's accidental shopping trip, and anticipated abstaining from any other purchases for some time. After all, a girl has to save sometimes.

But it was not to be. I met The Trouser after work at the
Aotea Markets. Naturally, I was happy to browse - but despite the warm weather, abundance of tourists and supposed 6pm closing time, many of the stallholders were already closed or closing. A wasted opportunity for them, methinks.

At any rate, we meandered homewards until The Trouser spotted a store he'd like to look in. Then another. I wasn't complaining - his desire to shop comes upon him all too seldom, and he is fun to shop for and with. Plus, the second store had great chairs that I'd always wanted to look at more closely, but never dared to, since it is a stupid reason to enter a clothing store, and the sales assistants would probably laugh at me for it.

Anyway, to cut a long but pleasant story short, 4 t-shirts and 1 pair of pants (tee hee, pants!) later, we were done. The clever Trouser found lovely new clothes that he liked, and tried on most of the things I suggested. Because it's boring when other people try clothes on and you wait, and it mitigates the boredom to have them at least try on what you'd like to see them in.

How surprised was I this morning, then, to find that The Trouser wanted to shop for a replacement camera? Not very, actually, since he'd already mentioned it. But afterwards we spent a several additional hours on an unrelated shooping expedition - in antique stores looking for Poole pottery. And did he complain? Not one bit - in fact, he was the one who suggested where we looked, and he kept making the discoveries!

I didn't exactly know what Poole pottery was when we accidentally fell in love with and started collecting it about a week ago. We don't know much more now either (damn Interweb is full of mostly useless info so far) - but it is lovely and a bit old (1950s-60s) and comes in soooo many colours. It is hard to keep to only the few colours we started with, and to limit ourselves to tea- and coffee-related items only, but I will try. I have promised myself to collect it so we use it - not merely for collecting's sake. It will be hard for me (since I am naturally an acquisitory kind of gal) but I **will** try - and hopefully our limited space, the occasionally prohibitively high prices, and the love of The Trouser will keep me on the straight and narrow.


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