Friday, January 28, 2005

A paean to blogs

(The formal expression of praise, not the Ancient Greek hymn.)

I have been really, really loving a couple of blogs recently. One of my favourites may chronicle fictitious events, but the imagination and quality of writing make it so fantastic that I tend to forget it isn't real. I only wish the posts were more frequent - but all that clever storylining must take time.

One of my other favourites, and a more recent discovery, has daily posts at the moment, yay! Violet is a fantastic writer and leads what I think is a really interesting life.

Like Bizgirl, Violet is a librarian (well, a real one in training, but close enough). I seem to attract librarians - not that I'm complaining. They are generally clever and witty; they know a lot; plus they can be relied on to return the books they borrow in the same or better condition, which is a big plus in my books.

A few years ago when I was studying, I lent a friend a course-full of books. She didn't have much cash and I'd completed the course the semester before. Because I am anal about it, I requested that she return them as soon as she was done.

4+ years later, I'm still waiting. As I understand it, she sold the books to buy E and finance a wardrobe of really nasty PVC clothes. And while the books were not favourites (I'd barely had them long enough to begin to appreciate them), it still galls me. How rude! I can stand some kinds of rudeness, but vandalising and stealing books really bother me.

Anyway, I was praising blogs... My favourite collection of blogs has to be Public Address. So many clever people, with intelligent opinions that I tend to agree with, all in one convenient place, with an RSS feed! Getting that email in my inbox is always guaranteed to perk me up.

As you may have guessed, I am also an avid reader of Starbucks Gossip. More recently, I discovered Dunkin Donuts Talk.

(blush) Yes, my name is The Skirt and I enjoy reading blogs about American fast food chains that produce sugar-laden products. I should be ashamed, but I'm not - I'll work on it though.

Anyway, making my way through my little blog folder in my "favorites" (Microsoft, you ever heard of the rest of the world, who slip a "u" in there? Hello??) is one of my favourite information-related pursuits. It sure beats the lame newspaper available here, though Ananova makes me laugh (and the best bits of it are reprised in the aforementioned asinine rag several days or even a week later).

Still, the blogs are the most fun. I keep thinking about starting one up for work - it would be great - but actually getting anyone else to commit to even a quarterly contribution would be quite a miracle.

Anyway, I love, love, love reading my favo(u)rite blogs right now more than many things (The Trouser, sweet chilli sauce with ginger, and leaving work early aside!). So cheers.

Ok, end of paean. Maybe next time I'll try the Ancient Greek hymn form. (Or not.)


Blogger cesca said...

I am so with you on the book thing - I'm also anal about my books being returned. I leant one friend a book back in 1994, she then stored it in her parents' attic and left the country. She has since returned, and just recently asked if she could borrow another book. I just said "yeah, as soon as you return that one you borrowed 10 years ago". Grrrr... I never forget...

11:11 pm  
Blogger natalie biz said...

Yay, thanks for the plug. And I don't know about 'clever storylining' - I'd blame plain old procrastination. ;)

4:15 pm  

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