Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why I can't be bothered with the flame-grilled feeling

Many, many years ago, I dated a boy who liked Burger King. As a result, I ate there on occasion.

(As you can tell, my taste in men is like fine wine - it improved drastically with age!)

My favourite burger was the bbq bacon cheeseburger. It was a bit fatty at times, but delicious with all the lovely cheese and bbq sauce.

In a fit of nostalgia (and desperation to get some lunch and hoof it back to the office quick-smart) I tried one of these burgers again a month or so ago.

BIG mistake. Although I liked that it didn't drip with fat, it had insufficient bbq sauce, and thus was almost bone dry. I could actually taste the meat, instead of a cheesy, bbq-y goodness.

So today when my friend grabbed her lunch there, I eschewed the burgers in favour of a side salad. I am a big fan of Wendys' side salads, and had been thinking of comparing the 2 varieties for some time.

Again, it was a BIG mistake. Although you get to choose your dressing (avocado & garlic for me, yum), there's no point giving you a choice if one of the dressings tastes foul with the salad. Also - you want fresh, crisp lettuce, not limp and floppy stuff. Ditto tomatoes - fresh, not sad-looking with wrinkly edges. All that limpness for $2.35? No thank you.

So while I give the salad a big ups for including cheese - additional protein always welcome (it must suck for vegans, but I guess they'd rather starve than eat there anyway?) - it was a nasty, nasty experience otherwise, and will not be repeated.

In contrast, Wendys delivers a delicious side salad minus the cheese, plus some onion, and with only one kind of dressing (which is delicious and goes well with the salad), for only $1.95. Why o why Wendys are you so much further away from work?

The worst bit of all, though? I was hungry by 3pm, and so I started eating biscuits (all I have to hand that doesn't require reconstitution). Damn. There go all the supposed benefits of a healthy lunch.


Blogger Violet said...

Burger King is so-so but McDonalds gives you the shits.

6:04 pm  

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