Friday, February 04, 2005

Another fast food report

Due to the overly-conditioned air, my throbbing head and I decided to take a break from our scheduled work activities to bring you this scintillating fast food report. (See, I could've been a newsreader, really!)

After yesterday's disastrous salad experience I almost gave up - but a leap of faith (and the insanely close proximity to Smith & Caughey's - more of which later today) saw me back at Wendy's for the old faithful - a side salad - and their luscious chicken nuggets.

Now, the McDonalds nuggets have a more delicious coating, but they are not all chicken, and they are bad for you. However, their sweet and sour sauce is delicious. The Wendy's nuggets, on the other hand, have a less delicious coating, but are all chicken, and quite yummy, even if they are only available in a serving of 5. The Wendy's sweet and sour sauce, though, is a scary red-pink goop that could do with improvement.

And on the salad front, my side salad was as crisp, fresh and delicious as ever. Bless you Wendy's, for your lovely, reliably tasty food (s&s sauce aside), and for your cute little advertising front-man, who is very short, very polite, and has tiny man-feet (I sold him a pair of shoes once).


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