Friday, February 25, 2005

Lovely lanterns

Yay! The Lantern Festival is upon us once again!

I've walked past and through Albert Park several times during the past few days, and have marvelled at the transformation that was slowly unfolding.

Only an hour ago, all the food stalls that line Princes St were being set up. Pearl milk tea and chicken satay, o joy!

Of course, the transformation isn't really complete until the park is so full of people that you can barely breathe, let alone walk.

We're going tonight - taking a friend of mine from work. It's her first Lantern Festival, having lived in Toe-ragga for most of her life - and I'm looking forward to showing her a good, Auckland Asian time.

High on the agenda tonight are: scoping out the food and drink stalls we like the best (red bean-anything for The Trouser, and the most delicious pearl milk tea for us both); and finding Albert, who does **the most delicious** chicken satay, Malaysian curries and roti. I highly recommend him - not only is the food delicious, but he is a lovely, lovely person.

Anyway, we plan to eat dinner at the festival every night. The Trouser has a huge and unholy love of food that is sold on the side of the road, and this is one of the few times in Auckland when it happens. They call it the Lantern Festival, but we think of it as the yummy Asian food festival located conveniently close to home!


Blogger Violet said...

Sounds really good. We don't have that here.

6:29 pm  
Blogger Nyx said...

I love this festival and I agree with you on the food, really good. That and the dragon dance makes for a great evening.

10:38 am  

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