Monday, February 07, 2005

Oh, yeah, Waitangi Day

Due to a voluntarily imposed real-news media blackout on the weekend (I don't much care for the newsreaders, don't buy the paper, and couldn't be arsed reading the paper online) I kind of forgot all about yesterday being Waitangi Day. Oops.

I did remember that it was someone's birthday - and her partner's, for that matter - but didn't quite get around to giving them a call. Whoops, e-card from it was then. (And a very funny one - check it out!) Sorry, guys - I will be better next year.

Llcoffee blogged a bit about how Waitangi Day isn't really a national holiday. I have to say that I completely agree. Being born and having spent my early years in another country, I don't really consider myself a "proper" NZer. I guess it has a lot to do with not really identifying with the "culture" here - sport and outdoorsy stuff not really being my thing.

At any rate, it puts an interesting spin on Waitangi Day and the like. To me it basically comes down to this: instead of a national day, we have a media circus. I'm all for the media usually (they keep me entertained, bless 'em!), but it irritates me beyond belief when they create unnecessary drama.

Anyway, we filled our "national day" up with some supermarket shopping and a visit from The Trouser's parents. They hadn't been here for some time - not since we'd moved in, almost - so there was plenty of new stuff for them to see. And although my plans to bake a delicious cake were thwarted (damn you people who can't plan a day in advance!), we had a lovely orange syrup cake from Pandoro. Not as good as the one I make, but not bad.

Actually, I must confess that I am not entirely thrilled with the current state of affairs re: baking. I love to bake. However, both The Trouser and I are trying to slim in a vague and indirect way, mostly by cutting out unnecessary treats - which means baked goods are not entirely welcome.

Since I was feeling poorly this morning (tired mostly!) I thought of taking a sick day. As I contemplated a sick day, I briefly toyed with the idea of making brioche. Not just any brioche - the reicpe from the fantastic (if dodgily-named) Fannie Farmer cookbook. (I'd link to the recipe but I can't seem to find it, sorry!) You need a full day to mess around really, leavening the dough 3 separate times, but it is fantastic, and completely worth the effort.

Anyway my conscience got the better of me (I felt a bit better after my shower) and I went to work. Result: no brioche and unfulfilled baking desires.


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I'm sure your respective hips are thanking you for it!

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