Thursday, February 10, 2005

Grrr stop interfering!

There are people who like to be in charge of projects, and then there are those who just kind of end up in charge of them, often because the projects are kind of thrust upon them. (There are other kinds of people too, but these are the relevant kinds at the moment.)

I can handle this in my life as long as I am not always in the latter group (though it is increasingly so). However, I can only handle my projects in the hands of the former group when they are competent.

Why is it that projects I initiate (and am fully capable of managing, I might add) are so frequently snatched up by incompetent gits who can't manage the project or even understand it??

I suspect it is because although my work is not always considered important, my different perspective (young, female) has led me to suggest a number of really rather good ideas. Seriously - I have had some good ones that have made sense and saved money and time. And dumb-arsed incompetent gits can't think of improvements in their own area, so the only way to get kudos is to try to take over someone else's initiative.

Even when they don't understand it at all.

The long and the short of this rant is that 2 really excellent projects I managed to sell people on, and get agreement on, are now in limbo because an officious know-it-all incompetent git (who is not my boss, praise the lord - it was a close call!).

Unbeknownst to me (who has continued to massage egos in order to tee things up) he has been touting "his initiatives" around the place and has managed to undo a whole lot of my good work. It's gone pear-shaped, so he decides to tell me. Oh and BTW, he disagrees with my approach. he doesn't understand the aims of initiatives - nor is it his area to be involved - but he disagrees and thinks I need to come around to his way of thinking.

I work hard and have gained the respect of my colleagues, the big boss and my new boss-to-be - at least, I think I have. This poor behaviour makes me want to scream a big potty-mouth word, then burst into tears, threaten to leave, and run out of the office.

Instead I plan to talk it over with an equally concerned colleague and then leave early to play in Paperbag Princess. As I've learned in the past few years while working here, relieving high frustration levels is more important than doing a full day's worth of work.

(I really, really hope I will be brave at leave at least half an hour early. The will is strong but the annoying sense of obligation is often stronger!)


Blogger Nyx said...

Definitely get this thing talked out and noticed by more people. Sell them on your way of thinking, point out the defaults in this other person's methods and don't let it slide away unnoticed - you'll regret it. My brother is in a similar situation and is reluctant to bring it up with his boss and so now he works at a job he used to love but now hates - because of others.

Not good, oh and go do some retail therapy, always helps. Is that what Paperbag Princess is?

2:18 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Urgh, I agree with you!

It is all a bit difficult as the person is a rung higher than me - and has a memory like a sieve. However, I was a hard-arse today and began to gain back some ground. My new boss starting on Monday will help I think - even if only to show this other person up!

PBP is about the only retail therapy I morally feel I can indulge in at the moment - but with everything $20 or less, it is very fun!

4:05 pm  

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