Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lots o' blogs, plus a techno-rant

The world o' blogs is quite large really, isn't it?

I've been researching other blogs in my area of work to see if they exist - and if so, how they work, what the pitfalls are, etc. After a few weeks' idle googling it has become clear that there aren't any that are great and/ or successful, but there is definitely the potential there, as long as people become engaged.

Engagement is always the problem though, isn't it? Whereas (in my little world, anyway) people used to make plans in advance, commit themselves to deadlines, etc. it seems that last-minute organisation and "slippage" are now commonplace. I blame technology.

Don't get me wrong - I lurrrrrrrrve email, the Web, cellphones... the list goes on. I even love The Trouser's Xbox (it was free and lets us play DVDs, yay!). But it's easier to fob people off via email than it is on the phone (tho' caller ID is great for that too!), and people with cellphones seem incapable of planning a week ahead (even if there is a swish calendar function in there too).

I know it is really people who mess things up, not technology per se. But it bugs me. I'm an old-fashioned kinda gal who likes invitations in advance, so I can plan my week and make sure I'm awake enough to enjoy important social events. And when I set a deadline, I really can't be arsed rescheduling my whole life because someone else was disorganised or slack. Grrrr.

Ok, so I can get a little uptight at times. But as I was saying, engagement is key, and I'm not yet convinced that the contributors or the readers would be willing to engage sufficiently for a work blog to be really great. Which is a crying shame, because I'm enthusiastic enough to do a lot of the work, and it would really be a great example for others to follow (real modest, huh?).

Anyway - technology and people misusing it to mess us around - silly irritation or a real problem? Your thoughts?


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