Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Damn yuckiness

I feel siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

I've been feeling a cold coming on for ages now, but my super-charged immune system (thanks to three smelly, dirty brothers) has been fighting it off well. Well, mostly. When I got tired I could feel the lurgy creeping up on me, but with a little sleep it seemed to be kept at bay.

But today, I feel dreadful. Nauseous, no appetite (though I know I need to eat), headachey, super-sensitive smelling powers in spite of my stuffy nose, and alternately boiling hot and freezing cold.

Did I mention that The Trouser has had a could finally hit him? And even though we haven't been kissing (well, only pecks, and without any mucous membranes touching) I think his illness, plus the charming state of affairs at work, are finally pushing me over the edge.

I must remember to email myself all my favourites, so I can read blogs from home if I'm sick.


Blogger Violet said...

aha - someone who blogs from work!

I get nostalgic for the old days when, if I was sick, I would take time off work, rent tons of videos, buy lots of magazines and have a total cocooning day (or days). Almost made it enjoyable.

6:49 pm  
Anonymous ruth said...

get well!!! *hugs*

3:56 am  
Anonymous Jen said...

Feel better soon! I've already bookmarked your blog and have started reading the archives. It REALLY IS scary how much we have in common!

5:15 am  

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