Monday, August 28, 2006

I had a dream

I had 2, actually.

The first one involved living with my parents again (not good), and my current boss staying with us (even worse). There were wedding preparations, The Trouser was strangely absent, and the nightmarish behaviour from the boss reached new highs (or is that lows??).

This dream made lots of my colleagues laugh very loudly.

Then last night I dreamed I'd popped into Dymocks during work because there was a sale. I wasn't wearing any shoes, that's how quick I expected to be. (Hello? Subconscious? I **always**wear shoes.) I stayed ages, got treated like a VIP by a slightly creepy guy who dream-me recognised as someone from Neighbours (but he isn't in reality), bought 2 sock knitting kits (Um, subconscious? I don't do sock knitting. Ever. It's scary, remember?), and found almost no good knitting books. Oh, and I was going to get yelled at because I was gone for ages and was late for our team meeting. Which wasn't happening when I finally got to the office, it had obviously been rescheduled (nothing new there).

I need to stop dreaming about work. It's stressing me out enough in my wakened state!

On a more positive note, when I woke to the distinctive thump of bass from house music just before 4am, I got up, put on my bathrobe, and investigated. Our floor? Nope. Upstairs? Nope. Downstairs? Bingo - a party.

And what did I do? I called the building manager and got the sucker closed down. Sorry, but a Sunday-night party is no fun for those of us who have to work!


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