Thursday, August 03, 2006


I'm struggling a little to think of things to blog about this week - plus finding the time to blog! Perhaps The Trouser would like to drop in with a guest blog again? (Hint, hint?)

One of the main reasons I'm struggling is that I'd kind of like this to not just be an outlet for bitchery. And at the moment, bitchery is what I'm getting very, very good at.

So instead, here's the super-abbreviated version of my life at present:

Work: lordy, the new boss is just not suited to the role, nor does she possess the interpersonal skills to learn about it. My fellow team members are too chicken to deal with the situation, so as usual they're taking no responsibility.

Social life: actually had one this week, meeting a friend for drinks and dinner, and I'm meeting up with an old school friend for a catch-up this weekend. This weekend will be pretty busy I think: The Trouser has to spoil me for my birthday on Saturday, and we'll be attending a family dinner that night. I think he's bought me jewellery.

The Trouser: great as always. I think he's bought me jewellery!

The wedding: getting there with the planning. I'd post a link to the potential dress, but The Trouser reads this and has a much self-control as a threee-year-old. At the moment I'm thinking slim fitting, lace, with some beading. My final dress hunt appointment is on the 12th, and then I make a final decision. Boy, am I ever ready to stop spending every Saturday dress-hunting!

We're making some progress on the reception decorations, cake, rings and celebrant too. Just not enough to actually blog about.

Knitting: I finished the scarf made of Muppet yarn, and I'm not sure I like it. It's way too long and thick to be useful, plus i think 1x1 ribbing looks a bit naff. Maybe.

I've finished one sleeve of "Joy", the cardigan I'm working on, and am ready to cast on the second, plus the cuffs. My knitting mojo has been quite un-mojo-like recently though, so who knows when I'll get it done.

And that's all for now folks!


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have a nice birthday for Saturday!

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