Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I don't care what they say, some things never go out of style

Like vodka jelly.

Ah, vodka jelly. We first met at one of my very first university parties. How I loved to gobble you up. Or, if a booze hag had made you, slurp you up.

I developed my own recipe and made you so many times. I passed my recipe on to my youngest brother after I made him and his friends their first vodka jellies. I made it for my friend's hen's night and got everyone quite drunk, even though The Trouser stole many, many jellies to take to the corresponding stag night.

After that night, my recipe went international, when a Malaysian attendee texted me.

And most recently, when my brother had his stag night, I served row upon row of delicious, delectable vodka jellies (and a few white rum and orange combos) in many beautiful colours. Even my dad had a few.

According to some silly people, vodka jelly went out of style awhile ago.

I say that the delightful vodka jelly is always stylish. Hey, it's all in how you serve them. I prefer the plastic taster cups myself, because they're cheap and disposable. But there's nothing stopping you from making a tray of jelly and using cookie cutters and toothpicks.

Unless you use too much vodka, whcih means you'll just have vodka jelly soup. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

For you, dear reader, my recipes:

Vodka jelly for the faint of heart (or if you want to use cookie cutters)
Pick some stronger flavoured jelly like lime (which I hate personally, but seems to be a favourite), orange, strawberry, etc.

Make the jelly using 2/3 of the hot water required. Stir well so all the crystals are dissolved.

Add 1/3 vodka and stir very well. Pour out into your taster cups and chill in the fridge overnight.

Before serving, cover any light-coloured carpet or upholstery if you think anyone may over-indulge. Jelly can stain, y' know!

Vodka jelly for the slightly braver
Get one packet of each flavour of jelly available at the supermarket. Get a second packet of some of your favourites - I recommend lemon and lemonade flavours.

Make the jelly using a scant 3/5 of the hot water required. Stir well so all the crystals are dissolved.

Add the remaining 2/5 of vodka and stir very well. Add a dash for luck. Pour out into your taster cups and chill in the fridge overnight.

Mmm, vodka jelly. What a shame it's not lunchtime yet!


Blogger Sarah said...

Mmm, since I went vegetarian I have missed vodka jelly! I have been able to make agar jelly and other similar vegetarian jellies but they all require boiling for some time so are not appropriate for vodka jellies.

HOWEVER the supermarkets are now stocking Greggs Jelly Time which is made from vegetable gum and can be made with cold water! I haven't tried it with vodka yet but am sure it will work. It also sets really quickly - might be a winner!

2:20 pm  
Anonymous your secret pal said...

can't wait to try it, I will request that at my bachelorette party this weekend!!!!

1:19 am  

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