Monday, July 03, 2006


A warning: this post is a whinge. It's a teensy bit bitter and I am perhaps being a bit self-pitying. If you're looking for uplifting material, skip this one!

The Trouser and I have been very considerate of others, particularly since we've gotten engaged.

With our final Xmas in NZ coming up, we figured we'd spend it with our families. After all, they all guilt-trip us every year because we don't want to spend all day with them (the night before, then from 11am until 10pm is plenty in our eyes), so they should be happy, right?

Turns out, after all their whingeing, they've all made other plans. Not one single one of them will be here come Christmas day.

My maternal grandma will be 95 on Boxing Day, so my mother's heading over there. Good reason, and we'd come too if we could afford it, so she gets a pass.

My dad decided that he didn't want to go (he has issues with relatives over there, since he feels that they should visit us here more), so he told my youngest brother not to come back for Xmas. Then he told us all that said brother couldn't make it home for Xmas, so he was going to head up to keep him company. NOT happy, especially as my dad is family-time guilty-tripper #1.

Second-youngest brother has been encouraged by my dad to join him, so he will. Mmmph.

Oldest brother (aka #2 family-time guilty-tripper) is going to Japan with his new wife. Mmmph.

The Trouser's parents (who use fairly strong guilt on us) are travelling to the US to be there once their grandchild is born. Fair enough I guess.

Even though some of our relatives have fairly good reasons, none of them gave a shit about the fact that we'll be here without them. But you can bet that they'll be whingeing and bitching for us to come "home" to NZ every Xmas in the future.

And just to round it off nicely, a wedding-related bitch.

A cousin of mine got engaged a month or two ago, and we recently got emailed the date of her wedding.

It's less than 2 weeks before ours.

Fine, except we made it clear we'd be inviting the family in the US, and we had told them our date well in advance.

In fact, we chose the date partly to be considerate, so the US relatives would have time to plan to come, as many of them were keen. Now they are unlikely to be able to come.

The cousin may not have known, but her parents did and they should have shared the news. If the date was somehow fixed in stone for important reasons, they should have at least emailed us to say something like "sorry, sucks huh?".



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