Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I feel like I've been blogging, but not really blogging properly. I keep getting sidetracked by stuff and I never get around to blogging about the really interesting stuff.

Case in point: our trip last year. Still unblogged.

Another case in point: the recent wedding. As-yet unblogged (I'm hoping to shame myself into blogging it soon by posting this).

Why am I like this?

Well, it's work.

You see, I blog from my work computer, because when I get home I'm so keen to get to my knitting that I neglect my beloved laptop in the scramble to do chores as fast as possible. But there's only so much you can blog at work, before someone catches you and finds out you blog (and, what's worse, blog about work!), and also that you should be working in those 10 minutes.

The other problem is that my work seems to have a drama going at any time, but especially when my personal life has been busy. After the big trip: all sorts of re-shuffling and new projects. This time: my new boss has started and there are all sorts of... adjustments to be made. Including possibly re-adjusting myself right out of my job, if things continue as they are at present.

Anyway, it's a reason but not an excuse, so I'm going to try to get some thoughts about the trip to Fiji down fairly soon. And I'm expecting my first SP8 package any day now, so that will be "real" blogging. Oh, and I absolutely have an opinion on the recent Bridge & Groom show. Maybe I'll start really blogging again soon...


Blogger Gary Wood said...

The paragraph about blogging at work, thats funny. Thanks

8:57 am  
Blogger The Editter said...

For a minute I thought there really was a Bridge and Groom thing, I imagined a well-groomed horse trotting over a bridge...

I'm with you on work getting in the way of blogging. But I never blog from work, just read and comment!

9:53 am  

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