Friday, June 23, 2006

Winter and the problems of the rich and famous

it's a funny old thing, winter. Just when you think it couldn't get much worse (i.e. colder and wetter), it does.

The current Antarctic blast (for you northern hemisphere-ers, we get the cold from the south - like Antarctica, hence the "Antarctic blast", as opposed to your "Arctic" blasts...) has brough with it charming southerlies that would dry the hair, so intense and cold they are - if it weren't for the rain that accompanied them.

I've said it before (though not online, sorry) and I'll say it again: give me a proper winter where there's snow and all the paraphernalia to deal with it. Or give me non-winters like you get in Florida. Cold winds and rain is half-arsed, but also super-miserable.

Ok, enough about the winter. On to the second half of this posting - the rich and famous people bit. It's not about real rich and famous people (though I did see Richard Long, the ex-newsreader, in town the other day. He looked even more like a gigerbread man than normal, and was wearing an ugly black leather jacket with yucky blue jeans, and really not-attractive brown shoes. Can't the TVNZ wardrobe people at least give him some tips?).

No, it's about me (funny, that).

Like many rich and famous people, my hair gets blow-dried every morning. Unlike many people, it doesn't get dried to perfection, and I have to do it myself. (But I do dry it, because it looks a hell of a lot better when I do, and I'm working on the whole looking-nice thing in preparation for getting a real job once we've moved overseas.)

And then I go outside, and the wind and the rain start. There's only so much a hat can do to protect it - and you have to be careful in your selection to not get hat-hair. A burqua would be great. What do the real rich and famous do? I guess they get chauffered.

Much nicer, even if the parking in Auckland would make it almost unfeasible.

So anyway, my walk to work is brief, but cold. The words "wind tunnel' come to mind. My hands get very cold, seeing as how I've been buying tops and jackets that are the correct length for my arms. It's a smarter look, but it's a cold one.

So I pulled out my lovely black suede gloves the other day. I haven't worn them a lot, and I love them (great present from The Trouser, Smith & Caughey's sale). I tried to put them on. They don't fit.

Yes, my gloves don't fit. Why? Because my engagement ring is too big for them.

I know, your heart just breaks for me.

Actually, it's not that it's a huge, honking ring. Really, it's not. It's that the setting is quite raised, to make the most of the stones in the ring. (Can it be that I haven't posted a pic of The Ring yet?)

Anyway, I need gloves. Those cute little ones that are fingerless, with the mitten flap that goes over them: practical and yet whimsical, my favourite way for things to be. I could knit these - in theory anyway. In reality, I'm probably too lazy to even look for the pattern. So I deserve to suffer, I guess.

In more knitting-related news, I have finished The Trouser's new scarf with the Argentine mystery wool (for wool it is, that much was indicated), and am working on something nice for my Secret Pal, since she revealed her favourite colour recently. I'm still waiting for my first SP package, which makes checking the mail every day a priority. if only our building manager would distribute the mail at the same time every day - and let us know what it was!


Blogger Nyx said...

God I agree on the winter thing. It's either mild like last week or freezing like this week but never snows. Shame about that ring thing, that's an awful problem to have. ;)

10:29 am  
Blogger Ruth said...

up here in the northern hemisphere, we're burning up. weekend will be 108 degrees F... =P

as for the gloves/ring dilemna, i had that exact same problem the moment i acquired my own ring. i decided i couldn't really wear any of my gloves anymore (the ring pokes and snags at everything, my setting is raised high too). so during our winters here, i resort to wearing mittens instead... to give my fingers + ring more room. so far that is the only the that has worked =P

11:39 am  
Blogger Violet said...

I get hat hair badly, so it's a case of choosing between staying warm or looking reasonable above the eyebrows. Or wearing a hat and not taking it off until I get home again.

1:12 am  
Blogger jussi said...

mm yes, a good excuse for knitting some mittens!
I miss Richard Long, and Judy Bailey, and now neither of them will be reading the news when we return home...things change.

Thank you for the good wishes for Blaise - she smiled at the Vodka jelly suggestion!

10:49 am  

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