Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All stagged out

My older brother (Big Bro) is getting married in Fiji next week. It's a small wedding - immediate family only - so his stag party was held last Sunday.

(Yes, Sunday. Monday was a holiday here.)

It started off at 3pm with vodka jelly shots at our place. I upped the vodka content to 2/5 from my usual 1/3, to give them a real kick. Apparently it worked, because the boys praised them all night long.

- As an aside, we made the orange jelly with white rum instead of vodka, and it was great. -

And it was a loooong night - The Trouser and Big Bro came in at around 6.30am, tired and pissed but happy. They'd managed to do a scavenger hunt around town, dress Big Bro up as Michael Jackson, have dinner, hit loads of bars, go to a strip club, eat at 2 different fast food outlets, and watch some soccer.

Unfortunately Big Bro's bridezilla disapproved of the whole thing, and was very pissy with him. Apparently honesty is only the best policy when your intended actually allows you to have some fun.

I'm not a fan of lap dances - but I also accept that it's generally part of a stag night in NZ. And hey, it's not like he had a lot of choice - or that he'll be doing it again. And when it's The Trouser's turn, I'm sure I'll like it less - but I won't be kicking up a fuss.

(If I do kick up a fuss, Remind me about this posting!)

Anyway, Big Bro and The Trouser and all the other participants had a great time (even if Big Bro spent the rest of Monday feeling very, very unwell and being berated!).

Even better, we still have some vodka jellies left...


Blogger Violet said...

I don't know how I'd feel if my other half went out for a lap dance, even as part of a stag night. I s'pose it'd be okay as long as he only does it the once and and doesn't try to have sex with her!

Where is the wedding? The resort we stayed in apparently has tons of weddings there and May is their busiest weddings month.

12:21 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Apparently touching the talent is one of the few things that will get you kicked out. The Trouser said that the girls were very nice - but not at all interested in them anyway (they probably looked too poor!).

The wedding is at the Shangri-La. Fancy!

8:33 am  

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