Thursday, May 25, 2006


Both The Trouser and I have been quite busy lately. Too busy to relax properly, and also too busy to get into bed early.

As a consequence, we're both a bit tired. For me, that means I'm bleary-eyed, and today, I'm clumsy as well.

It's not a good time for me to do important things like driving or surgery. Lucky for everyone I do the former very seldom, and the latter only on minor items of clothing.

In times of tiredness, one thing keeps me going. Mountain Dew.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mountain Dew. More caffeine than cola, apparently. Fluorescent yellow, like pee if you take way too many B vitamins. Or, my personal nickname: concentrated goats' pee.

The only other thing that keeps me going atthis point is the promise of a weekend. Roll on Friday afternoon!


Blogger Ruth said...

i agree, i always thought mt. dew was like florescent pee. but it doesn't stop me from drinking it, esp for the caffeine, if i need it! =)

4:17 pm  

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