Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Wedding: the planning

So I've mentioned the wedding in passing, but never really taken the time to blog about it. Here goes...

We've been planning our wedding since the beginning of this year, give or take a few weeks. It's been interesting. Girls who dream of their wedding day have a huge jump on things. If, like me, the thought of a wedding dress used to send you to sleep, you have a lot of high-pressure decisions to make in a relatively short time frame.

Thank heavens for The Trouser, who is fairly opinionated and also has impeccable taste. He is 100% involved in all the planning. He has opinions on pretty much everything, and is fairly unflappable. (If only he could pick the dress for me, I know it would be perfect!)

After all this planning, so far we've got:
- The date: 9 February.

- The ceremony venue: a favourite spot with meaning to both of us, in a park.

- The reception venue: a hotel in the city, with flexibility to have the ceremony there if it rains.

- The invitations, save-the-date cards, and place cards. Well, we know what we want, and where we're getting them from. White heavy card, embossed, with charcoal printing. We've even picked the font.

- The vague theme or feel: vintage-y classic, with elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

Oh yeah, we also "invested" in one of Ken Ring's weather predictions. You may laugh, but he's more reliable than anyone else we've ever heard of. And yes, the weather predictions are good.

So you see, we have some things sorted. Others are still works in progress.

Like the guest list, which is our most pressing task. We need to send save-the-date cards to the overseas relatives and friends, so we need to decide who to invite so we can send the cards appropriately. And we need to guess how many people will trek to NZ to attend, so we don't invite too many people.

The most fun thing to work on has been the menu. The Trouser doesn't eat meat, and I don't eat fish. And at $15 per head extra for 2 menu options, it seemed sensible to go with an all-vegetarian menu. This freaked my parents out, until they heard the preliminary menu from the chef. He got is 90% right straight off the bat, which is excellent (and nary a boring, predictable vegetarian pasta dish or "Asian-inspired" item!). Bring on the tastings, I say!

A less fun thing that has me mildly stressed is the cost. We're still waiting on a price so we can pay our deposit. From my end, there is no rush on this - with interest rates rising, the longer the moolah stays in the mortgage the better! But I like the idea of some money holding our booking, as opposed to the goodwill of the staff (who should really be chasing us for a deposit). They seem in no rush, so I figure we'll try to stay calm. But I'd like to have it paid 6 months in advance.

The thing I'm dreading the most is the clothing. In the not-too-distant future, I'll have to seriously start the hunt for The Dress. I've already decided on a vintage-y feel dress, to match the general feel for the wedding. Maybe something a bit Art Nouveau-inspired. Not strapless, and not blindingly white - we want him to look at me and weep with joy, not fear!

And then of course we have to figure out a few "minor" details: attendants, transport, ring, celebrant, music, ceremony refreshments, photographer, reception decoration, flowers, favours, seating arrangements, family dramas, world peace, yada yada yada.

I can see why eloping - and professional wedding planners - are so popular!


Blogger Ruth said...

i am also one of those girls who actually never gave weddings a second thought until i got engaged. then i freaked out because there were so many decisions to make and i hadn't even begun to think of where to start!

and yes, half way through i secretly thought eloping would be a fantastic idea (and wonderful for our budget too). but then that would get all the families and friends pretty angry at us. =)

7:43 pm  
Blogger Violet said...

the dress would surely be the most fun (or the only fun) part of planning a wedding. At least the aim is to find one which makes you look gorgeous, which has got to be good for you.

10:34 pm  

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