Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Really, it's just a phase

The not-posting, that is.

Personally, I blame the work dramas, plus a few family dramas. Nothing like *both* your sisters-in-law being nasssty to you to make you wonder if you are just a bad person generally.

In the meantime, other phases I have known include (but are not limited to):

1. The "I have to watch Beverly Hills 90210 or I'll die" phase. In a deeply unoriginal move, this coincided with the "I think Luke Perry is the best looking man ever" phase.

2. There was the infamous "I'm vegetarian but every 6 months or so I'll break ranks and eat a McChicken" phase. The McChicken part was secret, and I figure it wasn't real chicken anyway, so it didn't really count - but I still kept it secret.

3. The "Putting makeup and jewellery on my little brother while he sleeps" phase was quite fun, if a teensy bit mean.

4. So was the "Hiding my little brother's underwear down the back of his dresser" phase. It was exceptionally humorous when my mother would insist that he had plenty of clean underwear, and he'd be moved to tears to explain that he didn't. What was he doing, worrying about clean undies anyway??

5. More recently, the "I'm mad for buying clothes on TradeMe" phase. This got old when I discovered that online purchases were not always as reliable as they should be.

6. An oldie but a goodie, the "I'll wear it if it's pink" phase in my formative years provided hours of entertainment for family and friends. People, I had red hair.

7. And in the inevitable backlash, the "I won't wear it if it's pink" phase happened in my teens. Sanity at last.


Blogger The Editter said...

I am pleased to hear it's just a phase. So is my not posting, and I'm blaming it on my grandmother dying and me buying a house!

3:38 pm  

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