Tuesday, April 11, 2006

River: stagnant no longer

Tee hee, get it? River = water; progress = movement = not stagnant? Sometimes I kill (only) myself!

Anyhow, behold River in its many states over the past few days!

Completed but unblocked and with ends everywhere:

After a nice bath:

Blocked on the bed (the obligatory detail shot):

And in case you care, some specs :
Pattern: River, Rowan #38
Yarn: Rowan KidsilkHaze, nice mossy green colour - perhaps #28?
Needles: Evil aluminium circs, 7mm. Will use bamboo next time.

Once I finally got the hang of this pattern it was actually quite fun to knit. I have a few mistakes in there (that's what makes it beautiful and unique, right?) but I love this anyway. It's my first piece of lace, but not my last.

And I now that I get and embrace and actually enjoy the mathematical-ness of the pattern, I definitely plan to make a couple more of these. On bamboo needles, so I don't kill someone.

I wore my River to work today and almost no one complimented me on it. Bah, peons! But it's really too nice for work.


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