Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm (yawn) back (yawn)

It was a lovely holiday. The last flight from Sydney got us in late on Sunday/ early on Monday, and the late-night carpet-cleaning on Sunday, and frenzy of unpacking on Monday night have made me a bit tired.

So only a brief post.

In brief, the grandmas were great - very spry, sweet, and lovely, as always. We spent some time one-on-one, which is very rare and special indeed. We also spent time with a lot of the family over there. In keeping with the family theme, we discussed the complex and rather nasty family issues that are still hanging around (rifts and betrayals, oh my!), and how they will make our wedding a bit crap.

I did a bit of knitting. The long-neglected River got a good airing, and I have sonewhat foolishly decided that it is a little short, so I'm adding in an additional 32 rows of pattern to get the desired length. I swear, I will never knit KSH on anything but bamboo ever again.

I visited what is quite possibly the world's most dire knitting shop, Lady Anne's Handcrafts in Woy Woy. Woy Woy does not have a lot going for it, and LAH has even less. We had driven a long way and I didn't initially see anything at all worth buying - quite sad! However, I did manage to find some needles I need for my beaded cardi, and some recycled denim yarn for a scarf for The Trouser.

Now we're home and work is interfering with the knitting, eating and sleeping habits I so carefully developed while we were away. How rude!


Blogger Violet said...

I bet you got lots of knitting done on the plane, right?

7:52 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Not even!

At BOTH airports the Air NZ people told me I had to check my knitting. And at BOTH airports the security screening people said they would've let me through with it.

We were talking 7mm circular needles, too - big, fat ones. A blunt spoon would've been more threatening.

8:58 am  

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