Monday, March 20, 2006


If you know me - and let's face it, if you're reading my blog, you probably don't know me in person - then you know I am not at all athletic.

I try when required, but I lack coordination, athletic ability, and any desire to do really well or make a huge effort.

I don't like sports at all, really. To participate in or to watch.

So guess what completely out of character thing I did in the weekend? I participated in Round the Bays!

The Trouser's work had a team, and with the promsie of corporate hospitality at the end, I agreed to participate.

We walked.

10 km - the 8-odd km run, plus another almost 2km walk to aforementioned hospitality - is a long way. But the Powerade was blue and cold, and the sausages were pretty good. Plus I got to eat white bread (and why this is a treat is tyhe subject of another post entirely!).

My legs are not super-sore today, and my blisters have gone down a lot. I could almost do it again, or go for a walk this evening.

But that would be far too athletic - I'm planning on a nice, quite evening of knitting. After spending all that time walking and then eating and drinking, I'm behind schedule!


Blogger Violet said...

hey, good for you! I should do something like that; I'd even be able to take my daughter with me in the buggy.

I love white bread too - I love wholegrain also, but the two types have their own special yumminesses

7:59 pm  

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