Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Unlike virtually everyone I know, I don't view Valentine's Day as a commercialised nightmare.

In my book, it's a day about lurrrrrrrrrrrve, and a good excuse to tell people that you lurrrrrrrrrrrve them. Even when I was single it was a day I enjoyed.

As a small child, my school class exchanged cards (obviously this was in the US, not NZ!). My mother would always leave us little valentines like Pinky bars etc. (in NZ now).

This is my first and probably last V-Day as an engaged Skirt. The Trouser and I are low-key but we still celebrate.

This year, I drove him to work, and gave him a great Bill Bryson book, Hip Hop Music In Aotearoa, and some chocolates.

He gave me a jumbo-normous bouquet of flowers, and some DVDs. Then we went to dinner at a local Mexican joint, and had ice cream from our favourite local place. Oh, and we watched the "wedding of the year" on Shortland Street - a lesbian coupling, no less, which we agreed was super-progressive, and also a good thing.

Our day was low-key and lovely, and certainly the nicest V-Day I've had yet. Probably the best presents ever, too.

Which leads me to thinking about the worst V-Day gift I ever got. It's a doozy.

I was working in a big but crappy hotel in downtown Auckland - waitressing in the restaurant and taking up room service. Right in the middle of the busy part of the night, I get a phone call from the then-boyfriend (who was a butt-munch, but no one bothered to tell me that, and I didn't consciously realise it at the time). I took the call, and told him it was a bad time, and that I needed to work, and could we talk later.

His response? He dumped me.

Yep, on the phone while I was busy working, on V-Day. Like I said, butt-munch.

Luckily I have much better taste in men now :-)

Anyway, what was *your* worst V-Day ever?


Blogger Violet said...

I don't have a worst, because I've only celebrated it in the last 5 years.

But my most fun was when I attended a Desperate and Dateless ball. the guy whom I was matched with was a nice guy; he even sent me flowers at work the following Monday and didn't mind that I didn't want to go out with him again.

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