Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Close but no cigar (I think)

Well the interview was... GREAT!

Seriously, it was *so good*! Relaxed, friendly, lacking any bullshit. I did well on all the questions, and managed to ask a few good ones of my own.

I also identified business opportunities that they are keen to move into - but without knowing that in advance.

Great culture fit, and I liked the ethos, etc. We agreed on where my weaknesses are: lack of formal experience managing people and money, and general lack of experience - i.e. everyone else who'd gotten an interview was a lot older and more experienced.

However, we agreed (she suggested and I murmured appreciatively) that managing people without a direct reporting line is a lot harder, and very valuable experience. She also said that she knew how much experience I'd had when she asked me to interview, and that it wasn't as important as one might think.

It is the best job I've heard of - in my career path, that is (I still covet being a personal shopper) - and quite a stretch for me. Less hands-on interweb work, more business stuff. Very, very cool.

I won't get it: the hirer claims no interweb experience whatsoever, and the role I went for - all about the interweb - will be crucial to the business. I think they'll go for someone more experienced (read: older).

Hell, if I had that much riding on it, I'd probably go for someone a bit more experienced, even if they were less dynamic and great.

But I came away feeling so positive because of it. Even if people at my real job can treat me poorly, I know that total strangers think I'm good enough for a big-girl job.

It also makes me think: I don't want the hassle of moving for just any great job: it had better be fan-bloody-tastic!

So I probably won't get it - I'm 95% sure of that. I might get a second interview, but no more. But that's okay. It's been such a good experience it's one I don't mind chalking up.


Blogger Violet said...

Hey you never know - they might go for the younger candidate. In fact, don't they usually?

8:26 pm  
Blogger The Editter said...

c'mon, what happened???

2:57 pm  

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