Friday, January 13, 2006


So I had a little photoshoot last night.

My brother's fiance's friend is a tour guide for Japanese groups who come to NZ. Her group this week was a writer and photographer from a women's magazine. Not a super-fancy magazine, but a magazine all the same.

They needed young, fun, hip women in Auckland to recommend places to shop and eat. For some reason I was suggested, and I somewhat grudgingly agreed.

So I filled out a very interesting questionnaire (favourite singer and actors, and thoughts on marriage!) and yesterday met up with the team for a drink so they could get some photos.

I am not very photogenic at all. This is not false modesty - I simply look much better in real life than I do in photos. So I prepared myself the best way I knew how: weaing a plain outift (patterns can look rotten in photos) and going to visit my hairdresser for a long-overdue haircut.

The shoot itself was fairly low-key: glass of wine and magazine at had, I didn't have to look directly into the camera too much, so I blushed a lot less than I usually do. And it was at a bar/ cafe that I really like, so I was comfortable, even with people looking very interested in what was going on. Thankfully, there were no lights, and my hair looked great :-)

So now I am super-glamorous. Be warned.

Oh, and I also met with a recruiter to look into my job situation. She had 2 roles that weren't quite right, so I emailed her a great job I liked the look of, but am about 2 years too junior for. Cross your fingers something great will come up, or something great will happen here to keep me - the suspense is annoying!


Blogger Violet said...

Ooh, you're a model now! I too look better in real life than in photos (or maybe I just look bad either way...). But there's always Photoshop.

Good luck on getting a better job.

11:01 am  

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