Friday, January 06, 2006

Happy day?

I've been in a bit of a funk lately - the holiday was great but not long enough, and work has really gotten me down.

So imagine my surprise to find myself at work this morning, unable to suppress a grin.

Why? You may well ask. I have absolutely no clue.

All of a sudden I'm filled with excitement (as opposed to dread) at planning the wedding. Once we book a venue, we can start making a list of music (an incentive for The Trouser to hurry up and get the venue sorted with me!).

I even feel really positive and optimistic about our decision not to invite The Trouser's sister and bro-in-law (aka The Rotten People).

Even being at work isn't dimming my enthusiasm for life. After finally deciding to leave, I'm enjoying it immensely today (so far, anyway).


Still, I have plenty to look forward to, including a lovely new knitting book as part of my Xmas loot (will take a pic tonight).

After misery and rotten moods, long may this last! I wonder if I'll still be cheery by midday?

Update @ 12.40pm: still pretty cheery. Weirder and weirder...


Blogger Violet said...

I've always found that as soon as I'm about to leave a place, I suddenly start bonding with people whom I never seemed to have anything to talk to about before. I suppose that's why it's easier to pull when you're about to leave the country...

11:45 am  
Blogger jussi said...

have fun with Alterknits, it is a lovely book,maybe you could knit yourself a wedding crown for your kitchen tea or hen's night!

- as for the comment on my blog, I realised that I haven't actually heard a lawnmower since we left NZ!

11:50 am  
Blogger The Skirt said...

Violet: yeah, me too. And once I decide to leave, things start to get better, just so I can question my judgement. Hate that!

Jussi: ooh, I love the crown! I thought it could be good for a grump's hat - you know, like a dunce's hat? To identify the grump, but also because I think it'd make either of us cheerful pretty quick.

4:44 pm  

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