Friday, December 09, 2005

Still thinking

No progress on the work front as of yet - but I've asked the boss for some time on Monday or Tuesday. I think she knows pretty much exactly what I'm going to say, and I have a fair idea of what she will say. The general gist of it might be something a little like this:

The Skirt: "Um, the pay rise is not really a good pay rise. It's less than 1%. I really love working here but it makes me feel that my good work is not valued."

The Boss: "Budgets are shrinking. Plus you got a pay rise 18 months ago and it was huge."

The Skirt: "Actually, The Big Boss was at pains to describe it as a "salary adjustment", not a pay rise at the time. And my responsibilities and workload have grown loads since then."

The Boss: "Look there's just no budget available. Plus you're getting someone to help woth your work."

The Skirt: "I'm always told that there's no budget available. It doesn't change the fact that I deserve a pay rise. And the new staff member is because the workload has grown - again, it doesn't change the fact that I deserve the pay rise."

The Boss: "I can ask The Big Boss but it's unlikely anything will change."

The Skirt: [sighs] "Yeah, I know. So, strictly off the record, what would you do?"

I'm not sure what The Boss would say in return. She is my greatest fan (ok, maybe not, that's The Trouser, but she is very positive about me), and in a different organisation would probably throw cash at me to keep me happy. We get along really well, and work well together.

I'm hoping she'll have some words of wisdom to impart. She is smart and has had a successful career and I know she'll have an interesting take on the situation. I just hope she's willing to go off the record to give me some much-needed advice.

The Big Boss is the real problem. My hunch is that he feels I'm being paid handsomely for the organisation and for my age. Both are true - but then, for the responsibilities, I am not, and really that is what counts. Still I think he's the problem, and although he doesn't want to lose me, he probably will unless he stops being so stingy.

On other matters, my baby blanket knitting is coming along nicely. I'm only 5 squares short of finishing, then after washing and blocking I only have to do the edging.

I finished the wrap - knitted in that godawful ribbon-y tape that slips off your needles at the slightest opportunity - and just need to tuck the ends in. I'll post pics once I find the digital camera again.

Moral of today's post: work sucks, but knitting doesn't.


Blogger Violet said...

If you're good at your job, then at least you can be confident of finding another that pays better - if it comes to that.

4:40 pm  

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