Friday, January 06, 2006

Memo to all those who use computers at work

The people who do things like manage websites and email marketing are not necessarily experts in the Windows operating system (and its associated programmes).

Yes, they know how to do lots of things, but not necessarily how to master PowerPoint or demystify the intricacies of XP.

They might not even really care, not at all (gasp!).

The above is especially true if the person concerned is more of a marketing/ comms person, rather than a traditional tech-head.

If you don't know the difference, you should probably find out by refreshing your memory on what degree the person in question has:
- Anything involving maths or science or computers = tech-head.
- Anything else means the person is probably not super-technical.

The same rules apply for asking questions of anyone under the age of 30: using a computer and being "younger" doesn't mean they automatically know the answers to all of your questions. Or even care.

People, there are loads and loads and *loads* of courses out there that will help you to learn how to do all kinds of things. Employers will often pay, but some are even free.

Plus there's this crazy thing called the Interweb - try to get your answers, or, God forbid, (And no, it's not a good idea to direct the person there to find your answer, or ask for help with your keywords.)

Oh, and by the way? Even if the person *does* know the answer to your query, or could find it easily, they won't necessarily tell you that anyway. They're busy too, and being the unofficial go-to person for PC queries (or Mac queries even when they don't use them, go figure!) cuts into their work time, and thus into their real lives.

They're especially less likely to answer your query when it's delivered in an angry, demanding, or whiny tone - or when unaccompanied by a "please", or even a "pretty please with cherries on top".

Or when you're always too busy to deal with them unless you want a stupid computer question answered.

Just so you know.


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