Monday, January 09, 2006


Thanks to the photographic genius of The Trouser, here's a photo of my Christmas-related knitting loot:

Yes, that's 3 pairs of Clover bamboos (what extravagance!), a pair of cheapie metal circulars ($1.50 in an emporium, I couldn't say no), some Clover stitch markers (I've used scrappy bits of wool before, looking forward to the luxury of stitch markers that don't un-knot themselves and fall off), and my new love, Alterknits.

We'd never tried ordering from Fishpond before, but it was a good experience. Their catalogue is harder to navigate than Amazon's, but that should come as no surprise.

I already have a few projects in mind from Alterknits - the abstract cardigan (minus all the crazy ribbons on the sleeves) and maybe the lace-up shawl, for starters.

I also accidentally bought another new knitting book on Friday - Baby Bloom.

I know it's meant to be a mothers and babies kind of book, but it has a number of cute cardigan patterns in it that are fine for non-pregnant women, and it also has some cute bootie patterns that I'll use.

If only all the yarns used in these books weren't so damn hard to get here! I know I can substitute, but it is funner not to.


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