Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Overcoming phobias in the name of wellbeing

As part of my "get healthy and lose a bit of flab" goal, I've been trying to eat right and taking my supplements like a good girl.

if you're me, there are *a lot* of supplements to take. With my breakfast, I take a flax seed oil pill.

Mid-morning, I take 2 high-potency slippery elm pills (they are supposed to be chewed but they taste disgusting, so I choke on them as I swallow them down).

At lunch, I take another flax seed oil pill and 3 liver cleansing pills.

Mid-afternoon, it's time for 2 more high-potency slippery elms.

At dinnertime, it's a flax seed oil pill and 2 magnesium pills.

Just before bed I take yet 2 more slippery elms and 2 acidophilus pills.

Like I said, it's a lot.

It's been okay - till the liver cleansing pills started last week. Amongst the many potential side effects of these pills (they are many and varied, and some of them are icky) is the urge to pee. All the time.

I'm not up to my full dose of 4 pills a day (phasing it in slowly) and already I have to pee all the time. Well, twice a day at work, which is a big step up from my never peeing at work.

You see, I have a phobia of public or communal toilets. Just don't like 'em, no matter where they are. I'm not even that keen on the toilets at the homes of people I know.

I have no idea why. It is a more recent phobia - as a kid I wasn't too fussy. (One memorable holiday, my forever-peeing youngest brother developed a ratings system for the public toilets he visited - invariably one per place we stopped. It was a lot of fun and still makes me laugh.)

My "camel bladder" - a bladder that only needs to be emptied perhaps twice a day - has stood me in good stead, and meant that my phobia hasn't been a problem.

Until now. Damn liver cleansing stuff.

I did consider going home to use the bathroom - it's a 5 minute walk each way - but it seems a little bit obsessive. So whether I like it or not, I kind of have to overcome my distaste for the toilets at work.

Again: damn liver cleansing stuff. Damn health and wellbeing.


Blogger Violet said...

that's a lot of pills. And pills from health-food stores are always so damned big too.

9:17 pm  
Blogger The Editter said...

That IS a lot of pills. I take my flax seed oil in my soy-milk smoothies. Makes them creamy. Also on salads.

12:32 pm  

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