Monday, January 16, 2006


Everyone's been making resolutions for the new year. Most people made them a while ago, too.

I don't like them for myself, because I like to think my resolve will last a bit longer than a year. It also puts a lot of pressure on to achieve something in a year. I'm not sure I need any more self-imposed pressure.

But it isn't like many people I know will read this, so it's probably okay, right? So here's what I might try to apply myself to this year:

Continue to eat more healthily, and to improve my health with all the naturopathic gee-gaws I've been taking.
Continue to get a teensy bit skinnier so I feel better about how I look (no one else will notice but I will!).
Stop feeling so pissed off and unsupported by some people in my life - not by ditching them, but by getting over the fact that they are arses, and will always be this way.
Have more fun.

Finally find a job that I really like, that pays me well, and where I get some respect (only when deserved of course!).
Stop resenting people who are arses. Usually they can't help it, and getting stressed out over it only makes it my problem.

Knitting (siginificant enough for its own category!)
Sort out and store my knitting needles in a better way.
More lace!
Learn a new skill, like sock-knitting or intarsia or something. Maybe.
Use up some of the beautiful yarns in my stash so I can buy more without throwing other things out.
Knit things I really love, damn the expense of the yarn!

The Trouser
Be more supportive when he works late a lot.
More foot rubs.
Make him laugh more.


Blogger Violet said...

If you want to be really nit-picky about them, you can turn those into measurable goals.

9:14 pm  
Anonymous molly said...

Stop resenting people who are arses. That's a good goal. I'm going to try to do that too, so you're not alone!

3:58 am  
Blogger The Skirt said...

I still reserve the right to ridicule them mercilessly - just not to let them make me all bitter :-)

8:59 am  

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