Monday, February 20, 2006

Exciting times


- Using crazy, orange plastic knitting needles from the 70s, with blue-y striped wool. It's a 70s extravaganza all knitting-time long! I'm also making really good progress on the wacky scarf, which is gratifying.

- My friend had her baby! It's a girl!

- I just ordered yarn online for the very first time. And at a flat rate of 15 pounds for shipping, I went a little bit silly.

- The Trouser has finally finished the private project he's been working on for a few years, and he's free!

- I've sent off my second package to my secret pal giftee, and while I'm still waiting to actually receive a package my gifter sent me, I know it can't be far off now.

- We have another potentially viable wedding and reception venue - one that has special meaning and could be lovely. (I know that a wedding-related post is well overdue - will get to that soon, I promise.)

- My full-time staff member started and so far she is *great*.

Ahhh, happy times.


Blogger Violet said...

so you're enjoying your job now?
Will we get a peek at your wedding dress?

9:57 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

I'm not loving my job, but I'm making do. All the annoying things that drove me mad are unchanged, but I'm trying really hard to change my reaction to them. It is difficult and annoying, but it's a chance to learn something rather than run away, I guess. And after all, I'll only be here for less than a year now anyway.

Plus having someone to help me rocks, even if it's more work :-)

I haven't got any ideas yet about my wedding dress, but once I get it I'll probably post a pic somewhere and link to it, if I can get The Trouser to promise not to look, and the people who know me and read this to keep it a secret!

8:02 am  

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