Friday, April 21, 2006

Anonyblogging - decided

Awhile ago I blogged about whether or not I wanted to continue anonyblogging.

I think I've decided.

The Trouser and I will create some sort of wedding blog to keep the families happy and informed.

I'll continue as The Skirt until we're married and have moved overseas (all things being equal, we're talking about two events that will happen in fairly short succession - a few weeks apart).

At that point I'll probably blog as me. I might abandon Singleskirtedly, or I might carefully edit out the bits that will piss everyone off or make them super-upset, and continue here.

Phew. it's a relatively small decision in the greater scheme of things (and, as I try to remind myself, so are all the wedding-related decisions save the one about the groom), but it feels good to have that sorted.

Now all we need to do is plan the wedding.


Blogger Ruth said...

congrats on your upcoming nuptials! as for your decision to "out" yourself or not, i've actually made this decision a couple years ago myself. a little sad to say, i have severely censored my blogs (there's a lot of venting that can't happen online anymore) ;) but the flipside is, i use it to KIT with all my long-distance friends. so i guess it's like an on-going newsletter of sorts. =P

good luck with the wedding planning! and once again, congrats! =)

7:10 pm  
Blogger Violet said...

It was hard for me not to tell all my friends about my blog when it was first started, because I wanted someone to read it. Then they found it anyway, and now my hubbie's family reads it too. So I can only gripe about him on paper.

8:17 pm  

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