Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I've slowly come to realise that many of the emails I send to people who don't know me very, very well indeed, give the impression that I am a mid-80s cheerleader.

Both in tone and punctuation - far too enthusiastic.

Being who and what I am, this appals me.

Lots more to blog, including my SP7 package and some new projects - but after the loooong Easter break I'm snowed under with work. I'll get to it.


Blogger Violet said...

It could be worse. I knew someone who sent a slightly humerous reply to a work email, which got totally misinterpreted and the complaint escalated to senior management.

10:19 pm  
Blogger jenknits said...

As a mid-80's cheerleader, I'm like offended by that comment!
There. Now you can feel like a mid-80's brainy black wearing greasy haired punk kid who thought...well you know what they thought about cheerleaders, wihouthaving to repeat it here. Seriously, I'm soo like not offended. I do love to tell people now that I'm old that I used to be a perky rally girl in high school (even in college, to my father's chagrin). Gooooooo Wolves!

4:54 am  

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