Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It's a funny old thing, karma.

I really do think that the energy and actions you put out there will eventually come back to you. I try really hard not to be a total bitch, because I hate people being mean to me.

I'm not convinced that karma is all that organised, though - I think sometimes you get nastiness in advance of being mean yourself.

Remember my recent work misery? The rotten person continues to try to make my life difficult. I was very close to being unable to deliver an important project on time because of this person's obstructive behaviour.

However, I found out that said rotten person is a constant discussion point for management, and that punitive action involving HR is not too far away. (You see, in NZ you can't just fire someone for being obstructive and nasty. It's quite hard to fire anyone.)

But anyway - the reason I was thinking about karma is that my brother's wedding invitations got lost in the mail.

Why would karma want to get him? Well, actually I think it's his fiancee. She's been a fiancee-zilla for some time now. (How dare we get engaged a year and a half after they do, and want to throw a party soon after? How dare we be engaged at all, when they're supposed to be the centre of attention?)

And then she turned into Bridezilla. After talking about their wedding to everyone, everywhere, she decided on a very, very small wedding.

Immediate family only, on a Pacific island. We had 2 months' notice, but only 2 days to book. It's expensive (just over $3,000 for 5 nights per couple). We won't all be hanging out together, because we've been told that they're busy except for 3 specific, formal occasions. And we're not to try to spend time with her family, because they will apparently have their own plans.

We booked. We told them. They have apparently been too busy to acknowledge this.

Now, I know a midwinter holiday to a tropical island sounds pretty good to most people. But then most people get to pick where they want to go, where they will stay, and when they'll go. They won't blow a whack of cash if they're saving up for stuff, like their own wedding and to move overseas.

So anyway - the karma thing. People are hurt by not being invited, and those of us who are - well, let's just say we're attending a command performance. So how ironic is it that all the invitations, which were apparently very labour-intensive, have gone astray?

If they'd spent a little time thinking about how they actually invited/ commanded people, and less time making pretty paper stuff long after the fact, perhaps I'd be more sympathetic.

As it is, I think karma's waving her flag. (And definitely reminding me to think even more about the guests to our wedding!)


Blogger The Editter said...

It helps to know with nasty workmate that it's not just you - as hard as it is to not take it personally...

I've been commanded, rather than invited, to a wedding too - and the command performance was a hot topic of conversation among the troops, I mean guests!

11:00 am  

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