Thursday, June 29, 2006


I've discovered my new love.

Karaage chicken (Wikipedia let me down here, so the link is explanatory only, not an endorsement for the recipe. I'm no good at frying, so I'll always buy this.). From my local Renkon.

Now people, this is not some fried chicken. For a start, there are NO BONES in karaage chicken (well, Renkon-style, which is the only style I've had, but anyway...). It's large-ish chunks. Also: it is delicious and not at all greasy.

It also comes sans secret herbs and spices.

What it does come with is some steamed rice, cabbage, spring onions, carrot slivers, a wedge of lemon, and some delicious, delicious Japanese mayonnaise*.

(It also comes with pickled ginger, but I don't like it with savoury food, so I never eat it.)

Mmm, deliciousness in a little white cardboard container! I liked it so much I would have had it for dinner, had it been offered. (And had I not keenly offered to cook something - which smelled like vomit and barely tasted better, so don't ever buy Dolmio cheesy tomato pasta bake sauce - it would have been offered.)

I think I know what my lunch will be...

*Japanese mayonnaise is truly, truly delicious. None of that funny sweetness that NZ mayo has, and a more delicate flavour than US mayo. I also like the squidgy bottles it comes in (the bottle feels crazily insubstantial, perfect for getting the last ooze out), and the baby icon used for advertising (kind of creepy but also cute).


Anonymous molly said...

I LOOOOOVE karage, too! And ever since coming to Japan, mayo is always my condiment of choice. ;) Enjoy!!

4:24 pm  

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