Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Knockin' boots

Yesterday I was reading a recap of Newlyweds over at Television Without Pity.

(As an aside, I love TWoP. These people are geniuses. My favourite thing to do is to read ahead, so I can watch the show and remember the recappers' snarky comments as I watch.)

I know, I know, Newlyweds is crappy, and Jessica Simpson is icky (her dad is ickier, though), and Nick Lachey can't sing so well (but he has nice abs, bless him). But it's a funny show that I largely missed, and something has to alleviate the depression that work brings on.

Anyway, in one of the shows, Nick asks Jessica for a sex guarantee: 3x week. As a Christmas gift, from memory.

And I'm thinking, wow, is that the standard amount of times per week to knock boots, so to speak?

I mean, these are newlyweds, for crying out loud, and allegedly some of the world's sexiest people! And given that Jessica had to wait until she was married, perhaps she should be a bit keen to make up for lost time? Unless Nick's.. ahem... technique is not very good?

I briefly wondered if perhaps The Trouser and I, after over 5 years of cohabitation, were, um, knocking enough boots ourselves. Even when we're newly wed, it's not like we don't know what we both look like naked.

(For the record, and at the risk of never getting to see the sight again, he looks very, very good indeed without his clothes. And that is as much information on boot-knocking or nudity that you'll get out of me.)

That millisecond over, I felt a bit guilty about all the work he does around the house, while I knit or watch TV or whatever. I'm not a totally lazy slob, but I'm not hugely motivated to do housework. And I felt bad for Nick when Jessica was a slack-arse.

So when I got home last night, I tidied up my side of the closet, put on a load of laundry, made the bed, tidied the living room and bedroom, and full intended to make dinner (until he offered to get Burger Fuel, which he wanted anyway, so I give myself points for intent).

See, trashy TV shows *can* be good for your relationship!


Blogger Ruth said...

haha!! i had the same thoughts when i first watched Newlyweds - I hope i'm not like THAT!! and it motivated me a bit to be more responsible with the housework. =)
as for the sex-bit... i always thought it was generally known that women don't like/need it nearly as much as men do. (generally-speaking)

1:37 pm  

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