Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wedding planning update: finally getting some stuff done

We are finally getting things done on the wedding front. Hallelujah!

In case you really care, here's where we're at:

- We paid a deposit and signed a contract for the reception and catering. And we have a tasting tentatively scheduled for October, yum!

- We picked up our save-the-date cards, which looked great and had NO mistakes. I will be hand-addressing these (there are only 30) to send this week.

- We also bought stamps for the s-t-d cards (STD cards, what an attractive acronym - herpes free with every card!). We got a girl at the post office, and she was helpful and not at all pissy about us wanting to pick our stamps out. There is very little choice, but we got the best ones possible, including a special lighthouse stamp for my uncle who likes lighthouses.

- We bought a special pencil, eraser and pen for me to use to address everything. (Man, calligraphers are EXPENSIVE!)

Most importantly (which is why it gets its own paragraph as opposed to a bullet point), I started the hunt for The Dress.

How did I start? Well I signed up at any number of US-based wedding sites (they don't need the traffic so I won't link to them here, if you're dead keen leave a comment) and started viewing and "saving" dresses.

I also went through my NZ bridal magazine "collection" (4 magazines hardly constitutes a collection, but what the hey) and noted the names and URLs of places to research dresses.

I grabbed a couple of URLs and scanned in some photos from the US bridal magazine I borrowed from the library. (SUCH a good idea to borrow from the library, I am so dopey to have bought any magazines!)

I also went through all the info we got from the Bride & Groom show a few weeks back.

All of this is in preparation for The Main Assault. I figure I'll hit the stores that you don't need to pay for first, and only pay if there's a dress I deeply, deeply love. (Chances are I'll get something made anyway.) My mother and I are starting this weekend, in the eastern suburbs.

My sanity will be maintained throughout The Main Assault by one thing alone: all the information I've gathered, and all the info I gather as I shop, is/ will be entered in a lovely Excel spreadsheet.

It has 4 worksheets: dressmakers, Auckland stores, NZ stores, and international stores. There are columns for comments about the service. I've already emailed it to a colleague who's also planning a wedding, and she found it really useful.

Yes, I'm using Microsatan to help plan my wedding. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!


Blogger Nyx said...

Don't feel too bad - Microsatan does charity work. Good luck on the dress hunt.

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