Monday, August 14, 2006

Mountain high, valley low

Well it's been a slightly wilder ride than usual recently, with highs and lows aplenty.

- My super-interfering uncle - the one who hassled me about my unmarried status at my grandmother's wake - deciding that since our weding ceremony will be outdoors, we can invite all his grandchildren. Cos, ya know, there's nothing better than toddlers we barely know causing havoc.

- Having to email my baby brother to ask him to be my bridesman, since he lives far away and is never at home.

- Two family events in two consecutive days.

- My fabulous package from my SP: wool, bath treats and a whole fancy package of tester-size hand creams, salves, balms, soaps etc. Thanks SP - I love it!

- Champagne at one of the family events. Pink champagne, no less. I am a sucker for pink drinks.

- Finally making a dress decision. That is, a wedding dress decision. I'd post a link to the photo of the dress, but not only is the photo uglier than the dress is in real life when I wear it (strange but true), but I also know that The Trouser wouldn't be able to resist clicking and looking.

- The Trouser asked a good friend to be his groomsmaid, and she said yes.

- Finding out that you can get alfajores in NZ, made by lovely people in Wellington. I'm trying to get a dozen shipped up to cheer The Trouser, who has been a bit low recently.

- Using my lovely new wool winder, when it works. And The Trouser patiently helping me when it doesn't.

I know, I know, this post is not really up to scratch, but I'm struggling a bit for intelligent things to say. I'll work on it!


Blogger Violet said...

you have a bridsman and he has a groomsmaid? That's so modern and cool. I'd love to see your wedding dress, so I hope you post a photo of it some time, even if it's not till after the wedding.

4:29 pm  

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