Friday, October 14, 2005

More knitting

Now, there is plenty in my life besides knitting, but right now it's the only thing interesting enough to blog about.

A girl at work has had her baby, so I'm making some cute bootees in pink and white variegated cotton. I'll take a photo once they're done.

I've also found my new project: a "Chanel jacket" from Knitscene. All I have to do is try to get the yarn...

In other news, we are finally going to be able to have an engagement party, as my brother's fiancee has finally decided that the cultural issues that stopped them having a party thus far are still issues that need to be acknowledged.

I'm sad for them, but there's no reason we can't hold a party later if they'd like one. And frankly, it's nice that they've stopped messing everyone - including both sets of parents - around.

The Trouser has a cold but has had to go to work the past couple of days. I'm hoping we'll have a quiet weekend, once my family leaves after dinner tonight, and we run a few errands tomorrow.


Blogger Violet said...

Thank goodness for women having babies, to keep you busy in the knitting department!

1:39 pm  

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