Monday, October 03, 2005


I don't mean to be such a self-involved misery-guts.

I know - there are people out there with real problems, who would be lucky to be in my shoes, etc. etc. I just feel so damn overlooked and frustrated by other people's self-involvement!

However, Jussi has managed to temporarily yank me out of my fug, with the news that you can now knit on flights in NZ!

Ahhh, a trip away and knitting - sounds like heaven...


Blogger jussi said...

always glad to help!

but seriously, the things you have listed are BIG, it is going to take a lot of love and strength for you and the trouser to deal with such negative, soul sucking family members, so just concentrate on that,think about the love you have for one another, and how excited you are to be getting married, let the rest of them get on with their petty little dramas.

11:14 am  

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