Monday, October 03, 2005

But not quite

The road to hell is certainly paved with good intentions - I know, 'cos I see them as I keep walking...

It's been a very up-and-down time in the Trouser-Skirt household recently, and I've been seeking refuge in places that haven't been here.

Highlights have included:

- The Trouser's sister and husband ranting to his parents about how they strongly disapprove of our relationship. This explains their nasty behaviour when we visited them on holiday.

- The Trouser's parents almost entirely forgetting to congratulate us on our engagement, instead calling up to tell us how us getting engaged has affected their lives.

- My older brother, who has been engaged for over 10 months already, and who has had everyone under the sun - especially me - offer to throw him and his fiancee an engagement party, rejecting my idea of a joint party. No reason supplied - just that it would not be good.

- The same brother announcing they'd be holding a separate one, and selecting a date so we had to wait till mid-November.

- The very same brother announcing last night that they'd picked a (different) date - which was 2 weeks before our mid-November date. And refusing to acknowledge that we had any reason to be upset.

I always thought being engaged was meant to be this great time when people were happy for you. So I've been really upset, disappointed and royally pissed with all the above people, but especially my brother.

And today the parentals get home, so it's a race to get them to see our point of view before my brother gets them to agree to something concrete behind my back.

I'm panicked about him going behind my back to get in first. It's a long-time habit of his.

I thought a joint party would be great - less boring for everyone to attend one party than two separate parties, 2 weeks apart; cheaper; and generally a much nicer thing to do.

And frankly, after 10 months of doing nothing, and a wedding planned for April, it's a bit late to have an engagement party, right?

Seriously, am I being completely selfish here? Is it so wrong that we want to celebrate being engaged as soon as we can, without someone else's laziness getting in the way?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm it seems like a case of him not wanting you to steal the limelight ... A bit inconsiderate on his behalf really. Oh well you just have to better any half-arsed 10-month-late engagement party that they have then! Just don't foget my invite!

11:48 am  

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