Friday, September 23, 2005


I am a very slack blogger.


I promise to try to install and figure out my digital camera software on hy laptop this weekend, so I can start taking and posting lovely pictures.

I will also try to upload a few lovely pics from our trip, and give your a brief rundown on the good, bad and ugly we encountered. Oh, and I'll tell you what the sights were like too :-)

I will also take a photo of the shrug I'm almost done with, and, perhaps a photo of my lovely new engagement ring.

I'd describe my ring, but words kind of fail me. Ok, they don't - but it's hard to describe and it's simply much more beautiful too look at.

Once I've done all that, then I will allow myself to blog about all the things I've been thinking and would usually blog about (but felt too guilty to till I tidied up my backlog).


Blogger Violet said...

It looks like you won't be short of blog material for the next few weeks then!

3:46 pm  

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