Wednesday, July 27, 2005


The shame of it all...

I had to get a Hep B booster yesterday. It's a just-in-case sorta thing, so I won't worry about getting Hep B if I am in an accident in Argentina and need a blood transfusion.

(Yes, the likelihood is not so great, but traffic accidents are very common there, and usually rather nasty for pedestrians.)

So I went and got it.

And passed out.

I managed to tell the nurse that I was going to keel over, and get myself to the ground before I lost consciousness. And apart from confusion as I came to, it was a not-terribly-unpleasant experience.

They were worried I was having an allergic reaction, bless them, and kept me under surveillance.

My "quick jab" turned out to take 1 1/2 hours, after which I was told to go home and rest.

One of my workmates laughed till he saw how pale I was.

The doctor recommended getting all "needle work" lying down from now on (I already have blood taken lying down, because my pressure is so low). The shame of it all!

Still, it did get The Trouser home to look after me instead of going to yoga!


Blogger Violet said...

Wow, so your blood pressure is so low that even getting jabs can make you faint? Do you get dizzy if get up from sitting in a hot bath too?

12:18 pm  
Blogger The Skirt said...

No and yes.

They think that the fainting was caused by me being too tired and exhausted to cope with the rather painful jab - those intramuscular things really hurt!

But I do get dizzy in a really hot bath - in fact, I'm not allowed to take hot ones, just warm ones - and no sitting in spa pools unattended either!

1:58 pm  

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