Friday, July 08, 2005

Just another update

Not much is happening in the House of Trouser and Skirt at the moment - apart from my recent cold and the related sick days, we're both still working a lot, and seeing each other in a tired (but fond) haze.

Roll on holiday is all I can say - only 23 days to go!

Until then, The Trouser is working 60-hour weeks for an important work project. I plan to use the time up by knitting like a demon, and planning and packing for our trip.

Given the complex conditions of our trip (winter and summer climes; formal and informal situations), I think that packing will be a bit of a challenge. But if there's anyone who can tackle it, it will be me, with my years of packing experience. Of course there are also gifts to be bought.

Anyone got suggestions on what to buy non-English speaking kids - 1 girl who may be 7 or 8, and 3 boys who could be anywhere between 2 and 6? We were trying for fun toys that could be shared - but all we have so far are: crayons that you use in the bath; crayons that you use to write on windows; and creepy big goldfish that look very real but squirt water (the Trouser's fave). Ideas?????

Anyway, whatever we don't have but need will be dealt with in one brief shopping trip - I am a shopper extraordinaire, but time is at a premium - there's knitting to be done!

Speaking of my knitting, I have finished my grandma's cardigan - only need to block and then sew it up - and Violet's baby's booties and hat. All I need to do before I go is a single baby bootee for a colleague, a mohair wrap for someone we're visiting, and fingure out what I'll bring along as my project(s) while we're away. It's a 5-week trip, but I'm planning to make a stop at quite a few wool shops while I'm away.

Trivialities aside, what has been happening in London is horrible. Horrible, but not surprising. Hello, war in Iraq? Admitting you knew there were no WMD, and the press publicising the fact that you really just wanted a war?

An attack was expected, but not discovered. What's up with that? You have to wonder if the intelligence specialists are crap, or if terrorists simply outclassed them.

And while I feel for all Londoners, I think especially of all the non-honky Londoners (and Brits for that matter). Racism is already a very real problem in the UK, and the last thing that these communities need is to be targeted yet again.

You have to wonder if terrorists realise that corresponding communities (religion, ethnicity, etc.) in the place they attack will be victimised as a result. Do they think it serves the people right, since they are not militant and they should be? Or are the terrorists so wrapped up in their fundamentalism that they simply don't think of anyone else?


Blogger Violet said...

Get those kids drumkits!

10:27 am  
Blogger Nyx said...

Bratz paraphernalia or Polly Pocket stuff for the girl and car stuff or loud toy pneumatic drills for the boys - I'm not too up with boy stuff.

Hope the cold is better, mine has finally mostly subsided and btw, my favourite tissues were the absorbent ones.

ps. I know you'll appreciate this. Just got back from the most gorgeous food at Royal Siam in Royal Oak - truly devine.

7:49 pm  

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