Monday, June 27, 2005


Someone I work with is either insubordinate, or stupid, or both.

Either way, there is no point ignoring my instructions when I give training. Being a wee bit control-freak-ish, I prefer to do my own work, even if it means I work late (like now, when I'm the last person in the building). That way you know it is done, and done well.

I've trained up other people and it's been dreamy - we do some initial training, they try it out, they ask questions, I answer, we modify a few processes, and hey, presto! Someone who does a great job. Sometimes there's even initiative - and sometimes I don't even have to fully explain what I want, because the people already know what I'm going to ask for! Genius!

Other people get arrogant and decide that they know best right from the get-go, even with no knowledge of the subject. They screw things up and look stupid.

Me, I like a bit of training from the experts. But I'm funny like that.

Meanwhile I'm trying to find the time to explain why I need an assistant - OK, a mini-me, really - and what they'd do. So far all I can think of is updating my blog a bit more, filing (in my dreams!), and beating on The Arrogant One.

Memo to self: must make time to make an actual list and/ or job description for mini-self.


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